Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Women As Pieces of Meat

The April issue of Vanity Fair came in the mail the other day. My 10-year-old objected strenuously to the cover (which features James Gandolfini and David Chase of The Sopranos) and suggested I cancel our subscription.


Anonymous said...

That was awesome of you! You make a wondrous role model for your daughter, leading by example!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this up. Just spent the weekend with one of my nieces and she had a dress cut down to there and hiked up to there.

A couple years ago I had to talk her out of anorexia by telling her the only way to not have a butt was to be a boy.

Now I want to tell her she doesn't have to put it ALL out there.

Our girls are just bombarded with sex & with women in the downstream position - note - none of the men on that cover were nude, were they?

Keep noticing - your girl is great!
-Enough is Enough in Virginia