Thursday, February 01, 2007


Finally heard from the agent who'd asked to see a partial manuscript of my novel, The Once and Future Sheila O'Connor. She informed me that that my characters aren't "very appealing."

Ouch! I like my characters, particularly Sheila.

I unleashed my angst in a post to an online writer's group and received two lovely reassuring messages, one of which came from Mary Castillo, the published author of In Between Men and the forthcoming Names I Call My Sister.

Mary told me she'd been rejected 17 times before her first book found an agent. Two more rejections managed to crawl their way into her mailbox even then.

Check out her website. Clearly, nobody's rejecting her anymore.

Stop wasting your time with men who don't cut it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terry!
Have comfort in the fact that there are so many people I know who have had the same amount of rejection before they finally made their success happen. You are a gifted writer, and Im sure you will savor it all the more when your manuscript is finally accepted!

Until then, enjoy your many successes in life, as we all will still enjoy the fact that you share your stories and blog for our continued enrichment.

All the best, Beth

Terry said...

Thank you, Beth! I appreciate it.