Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dating and Jesus In a Box

In an earlier post, I declared that I do not believe James Cameron's claim that he has Jesus' bones in a box, and apparently I'm not alone. A guy named Bruce Feiler, who's not even a Christian, doesn't buy it, either. An expert on the bible and archaeology, he posted his feelings today at the blog at the Huffington Post.

What exactly does Jesus being in a box have to do with dating?

Over the past few days, the media have tried to disprove Christianity, and then The Law of Attraction. Both require faith. I don't suggest you need to be a Christian to benefit from The Law of Attraction, but you certainly do need faith. And if you want to attract a thrilling relationship, you need it, as well.

Check out these verses from the New Testament:

"According to your faith, be it unto you."-Matthew 9:29

"If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."- Mark 9:23

"If God be for us, who can be against us?"-Romans 8:31

Look, if you don't believe there's a decent soul for you to love who's going to love you back and make you happy for the rest of your life, guess what? You're right. And if you believe there is such a person, you're right. According to your faith, be it unto you.

Do you perform better (in a job or behind the wheel of a car, for instance) when you have faith in yourself, or when you don't? Do people respond to you more when you have faith that you're attractive, or when you feel ugly?

Have faith in what you want (presumably a faithful, successful, healthy, fun man), not in what you don't want (that all men cheat, all the good ones are dead or married, etc.).

I, for one, have faith that nobody's ever going to find Jesus in a box.

Attract a man who's worthy of you for a change.


Anonymous said...

faith to believe the car will even start when you head out the door in the morning to go to work, that it will get you to work, or the bus, or the train; without even thinking about it. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog.
Can I just mention that all those promises taken from the New Testament apply only to those who accept the Messiah God sent (Jesus)? You have to believe in Him, and those promises will be true for you.
(For the record, I'm Jewish and I believe in Him.)