Monday, May 17, 2010

Once She Returned His Interest, He Lost It

Hi, Terry:

This guy chased me for seven months, and then he lost interest after I started showing him that I was interested in him. We work together, and he is my boss. What should I do?

We only went to the gun range together and nothing happened. Should I give up on him or wait to see what happens next?


Hello, Bullseye-

Your boss sounds like one of those guys who gets off on the chase, who wants what he can't have. Once you returned his interest, he got bored and moved on.

This is his problem and definitely not yours. Forget about him. At work, do your job and treat him only as you would a colleague. Hold out for a genuine adult male who wants a relationship instead of a hunting expedition.

You're a woman, not an elk.


The Singlutionary said...

HERE! HERE! Excellent advice, Terry. I couldn't agree more. But beware because just as soon as you start getting you life going and quit showing interest, this guy will start pursing you again.

What to do then? Just enjoy the extra attention but don't put stock in it!

Terry said...

Good advice, Singlutionary, especially the 'don't put stock in it' part. These rubberband men are so tiresome!

elizabeth said...

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Indian Online Dating said...

I love your advice on this Terry. Many men are more on their self-examining contest. Can I get the girl? Am I smart enough to woo her? And once girl gets interested, their ego is satisfied. Oh Yes, I am good and can chase any girl. Now move on...same seems to be the case here. The Boss is just trying to test himself and is not really interested in any affair. So, just concentrate on your job and forget about that pest!