Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Should She Reconnect With the One She Let Get Away?

Hello, Terry!

I was rereading your book today and must say, I love it every time. Your inspiration always rings true. Well, that coupled with the sentimental nature of the season, I find myself wondering if I should revisit a past love.

I was victim of my own game of playing (too) hard to get. With that, I now think I drove away a really great guy. I'm wondering, would it be silly to send him a short "Happy New Year" text? I do have his email but only via the dating site we met on. Naturally, I don't want to look needy, but I do think there was enough there to at least try reconnecting. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this one. Thanks Terry!

All the best,

Dear K.-

I don't think it would hurt to send a quick text. If he responds, great. See where it goes. If he doesn't, allow yourself to move on. He's not the only pebble on the beach.

Happy 2010!



Ronnie Ann Ryan - The Dating Coach said...

This definitely one of those cases where as Terry says it can't hurt to see what happens. Over all I'm not in favor of trying to reconnect with an ex - it's like watching reruns on TV - you already know the likely outcome. But here, where you are thinking you were at fault and can possibly turn things around - what the heck? My only additional advice is if you don't get the answer you hope for - move on quickly. Terry - love that anaolgy - he's not the only pebble - awesome! Women often think they are at fault for the demise of a relationship but it's usually not the case. It takes two to tango - either in harmony or out of sync. Best of luck!

Dot said...

I think this is great advice! Especially when you consider that "playing to hard to get" is what may have been the problem before, why make the same mistake twice? Take a baby step and see what happens!

Terry said...

Thanks Ronnie and Dot for your perspectives on this!