Monday, July 13, 2009

Leverage Your Inborn Attraction Skills

That's the advice Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan offers her clients. On her blog today, she tells you how to do it, too.

Click here to read all about it.

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Jokah Macpherson said...

This is really good advice. One paragraph is especially true (other than the 'sheer beauty' part - as I've said before, female physical beauty is the automatic firearm in the playground fight of attraction and its unequal distribution is God's cruel joke on the world).

"That’s exactly what attracts a man to you. It’s not your sheer beauty or your independence, or all the money you’ve made or the high power job you’ve landed, or the sales award you won. It’s more like animal attraction because attraction is a biological function and 93% non-verbal."

She is absolutely right. We men are utterly indifferent to your feminist trophies of materialism. Seek them for their own sake if you want but don't place your hopes for love in them. You are better off concentrating on the biggest factor of attraction you have control over and learning to smile, flirt, and make the people around you happy.

There is a cashier at the Moe's near me who is somewhat pretty but not ravishingly beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. Her smile lights up her entire face, though, and she uses it liberally. When you can make people feel like you're thrilled just to sell them a burrito, as she can, you're sure to go far in life.