Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Vaccine to Forget Him?

New York Times writer John Tierney announced the other day that it may not be long before a drug is developed to make the object of your affection fall in love with you. Tierney had an even better idea: a vaccine designed to prevent one from falling in love, or from making "an infatuated ass" of him or herself.

Tierney contacted the neuroscientist, Larry Young, who authored the essay about the possibility of the love potion to find out if the anti-love potion was merely his own personal pipe dream. Dr. Young assured him that a love vaccine could indeed be in our futures.

Tierney rejoiced:

"Could any discovery be more welcome? This is what humans have sought ever since Odysseus ordered his crew to tie him to the mast while sailing past the Sirens. Long before scientists identified neuroreceptors, long before Britney Spears’ quickie Vegas wedding or any of Larry King’s seven marriages, it was clear that love was a dangerous disease."

What do you think? Would you slip a drug in a man's drink to make him fall in love with you?

Would you slip a drug in your own drink to prevent you from falling in love with him?

Imagine a scenario where a woman has been wronged and takes a love vaccine to stop hurting, and then drugs her ex to make him fall in love with her and start hurting?

Methinks these pharmeceuticals could be very, very dangerous.


Anonymous said...

The problem with couples today is that they "fall in love" way too soon. Sure you really, really really like a person when you first meed, especially if you haven't been in a relationship for a long time. However, enjoy the moment until the honeymoon phase wears off. During the honeymoon phase, we put forth our best self because we are high on love. Our homones are haywire.

If we give it time, however long that takes (a few months, a year), we will see the "true" person i.e. their moods, their habits, their financies, their family, etc.

This is not something that happens in a day or too. It takes a very, very long time. We have to consider the fact that this person can potentially be "the one". We should know all there is to know BEFORE that potential comes into the picture.

Avoid the vaccine! Do your research for the person you are with. Take the time to "REALLY GET TO KNOW THEM".

Thanks for reading :)

Terry said...


Hear, hear!

I'd like to add, make sure you'd want him or her for a friend!

Tim said...

As bad as it feels to not be liked by someone you're after. Or to be dumped by someone you were with. These feelings are what make us human.

In my experience, some of the most painful times are some of the best learning opportunities. You WILL get over it on your own eventually. Taking a pill almost seems lazy.

This reminds me of the pill they are developing that works out your muscles so that you can pop a pill, crack a bag o' Cheetos and sit on the couch and get your exercise still. Getting real exercise stimulates so much more than just your muscles. By cheating using drugs, you cheat yourself out of added benefits.