Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mama's Boy

I just got word that my book club meeting tonight is cancelled due to bad weather. Damn! I was looking forward to that hummus and wine.


I'm not proud to admit this, but I'll probably tune into NBC's new sub-reality show, Momma's Boys, in which three overbearing mothers oversee their sons' choices of potential mates.

Check out the clip from this morning's Today Show. Am I a glutton for punishment, or what? (This review by Los Angeles Times critic Robert Lloyd says I definitely am.)


Susan said...

Oh, Terri. Where do I begin (besides - "great new photo of you!" :) )

First, why, oh, why, would there be 20 women lining up to participate in this show to have a chance at not just the guy (I hate those shows, too), but the guy AND his mother, who it sounds like is going to run the relationship anyway. Unless the man is 1) Adonis, 2) Bill Gates, 3) Someone else really cool I wouldn't even consider it.

And, frankly, even then I wouldn't. Don't get me wrong: this guy is cute and well-spoken, but if I were him I'd question the ladies who have applied to win him over. And I, of course, question the logic of the ladies.

Second, while I have no doubt that Mom loves her son and wants the best with him, she is doing him no favors in helping him develop his life and relationship skills.

Third, how can anyone know who is the best match for you other than you? (and often through trial and error)

Oh, Terri. This perplexes me so. I promise I love my son, and I will offer him advice (probably some unsolicited, moms do that, you know), but I can't see myself on Momma Boys Part XVI.

Susan said...

Oh, one other thing:

Even though there's no sales tax in NJ (versus NY) that's no excuse for your mama buying your undies! :)

(But, hey, each to his own.)

Terry said...

Thanks for the compliment about the photo, Susan!

I agree. If I found out my boyfriend's mother was buying his underwear, I'd see it as a blazing red flag.