Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Date Safely

My favorite Irish correspondent wrote today to advise me of the term "sexual kleptomaniac," which describes a clown who'll say and do whatever it takes to get a woman into bed.

At the same time, New York investigators were trying to find out what happened to a 25-year-old woman who disappeared after leaving a club with a sexual predator named Michael Mele. Allegedly, this creep has a long track record of aggression and deviance, and the long arm of the law is finally catching up with him.

It's my fervent belief that most men are not sexual kleptomaniacs or deviants like Michael Mele (not by a long shot), but how do you protect yourself from the ones who are, especially if you're meeting guys online? Dating Coach and Manifesting Mr. Right author Ronnie Ann Ryan offers some good tips.

To read them, click here.

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