Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jon Stewart on John Edwards.

The Daily Show puts a formerly revered politician's "mistake" in perspective:


Ronnie Ann Ryan -The Dating Coach said...

zero comments? How can that be? Thank you for posting this video - I loved it! And Jon Stewart did a remarkable job of picking apart John Edwards' absolutely ridiculous explanation of his transgression and cheating heart. How could he say his wife is right here, tapping his chest, in his heart? That's how you treat a woman who resides in your heart? He really is presidential material - another insincere politician who thinks we are idiots. It's always something fun when I visit! Thanks Terry!

Terry said...

Thanks for the very kind words, Ronnie.

Weeknights would pale without Jon Stewart!

Susan said...

Oh,my. Thank you for sharing this. The true news stories make me shudder, but, boy, did I just laugh a lot!