Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Taking a Wee Break

My aunt is failing and has come to stay with me for a few days. She's not sure if she wants to go into assisted living here or near her house in another state (actually, she wants to stay in her own home and be left alone, even though she doesn't like to be left alone).

Things are chaotic around here and will probably remain so for the time being. Wish us luck.


Jane said...

Good luck -- Wishing you the best and hoping to see you online again soon,


Terry said...

Hello, Jane-

Thanks so much for the support. I will pop in as often as possible!


Sassy said...

Hope everything goes as well as it can. Your friends in the blogosphere are thinking of you, your family and your auntie.


Terry said...

Thank you, Sassy. ;)

Susan said...

I'm sorry I haven't been able to check in as often as I'd like, but sending positive vibes your way.

Thinking of you, your aunt and family,