Monday, June 23, 2008

The Best Weekend Ever

Well, almost ever.

Peter, the girls, and I drove down to Long Island to our friends' block party, where we met up with lots of fun old friends. Then I hopped the LIRR (sans family) to Manhattan to meet my brother and his fiancee to have dinner and see The Cure at Radio City.

The block party was just taking off when I had to leave to catch my train, and I hoped to God The Cure would be worth it. I hate it when you waste hours of your life on a mediocre show. Better to just stick with the Ipod.

But The Cure wailed for three solid hours in which I was transported into another time and another space. Robert Smith may be slightly puffy, but his voice still has the same endearing desperate quality it always did. It was a helluva show. (Take that, Brett Michaels!)

My brother's fiancee, a lovely and accomplished person, said, "Those guys have incredible stamina for old people." I said, "How old do you think they are?" She said, "Robert Smith must be 50!"

Is 50 old?

Turns out Robert Smith is not 50. He's 49, but still? Is 50 old? Is it? I mean, I'm not 50, but if I'm lucky, it's on the horizon.

And, as for ancient Robert Smith and the boys, they performed this 3-hour act after playing Madison Square Garden the night before. My fit 30-something brother, who works out in a gym most mornings and made cracks about some of the audience "getting ready to collect Social Security," had to sit down during the third hour.

"I worked today," he said. "I'm exhausted."

Oh, yeah? So who you calling old?


Jane said...

I'd take The Cure over Bret Michaels too!


Anonymous said...

"50 is old"? Hey, wait a minute!!!
I'm 55, female, and still have the best years left on my plate.
I teach high school, and am asked out on dates from lots of my (male) students. Two of them have even asked me to marry them (several times each)!!! (Of course, I laughingly and coyly keep my distance; don't want to be one of those teachers fired for dabbling.)
In meeting up with an old friend after 38 years of being "lost", he assured me that time has been very, very kind to me, and that I had turned into a real "hottie".
I am letting you know that age should NOT be a barrier to good health, good looks, good psyche, and good life.
My personal idol? Mae West. Now there was a broad who really enjoyed her life!!! Think big!!!
Houston Hottie at 55

Terry said...

You said it, Houston! We don't get older. We get better!