Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Law of Attraction in Love and Weight Loss

Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw sent a link to the video in which The Biggest Loser winner Ali Vincent explains how she used visualization, acting 'as if,' and other Law of Attraction methods to lose 112 pounds.

What does this have to do with dating, you ask? Well, I used these very same methods to attract the house I live in, my children, and--oh, yeah--the man I married.

Check out the video by clicking here.


Confessions of a Serial Rebounder said...

This is excellent, thanks for sharing. It's so important to not get discouraged even after there are setbacks (like when Ali was eliminated). So long as we continue to believe, it will be so.

Good Vibe Coach said...

I totally agree, Confessions!! That was pretty impressive the way Ali maintained her commitment to be the Biggest Loser even after being voted off!

Truly inspirational. Ali makes "continuing to believe" look easy. ha! Any of us who have tried it know it takes a mental muscle that many don't flex often.

Thanks for spreading the inspiration, Terry!

Susan at One-Woman Show said...

Thanks for sharing, Terry!