Monday, December 10, 2007

He's a Man, and He Likes Variety

Inside the mind of a Casanova
Inside the mind of a Casanova

Click the above link to see this compelling piece from this morning's Today .

I've known women who operate like this guy, so he's only kidding himself a little bit when he says everybody has to be responsible for their emotions. But some people (and some of them are actually men) can't roll past an Arby's drive-thru, let alone control their emotions. Unfortunately, certain women will be attracted this kind of man precisely because he is a heartbreaker.

About his contention that males crave variety, well, I hate to break it to him, but many women do, too. Because of their growing economic independence, some of them feel justified to do more than just check out the menu.

Here's a tip for our Casanova friend: Treat others as you would have them treat you, lest one day you find some woman treating you the same way you treated some other woman.

Oh, yeah, try letting up on the blowdryer.


jane said...

what an ass....I wish someday he really falls in love...for REAL...only to realized he's just been used...he does NOT love women

Anonymous said...

herpes alert!!

Terry said...

You got that right!

Sassy said...

I saw the interview. What a jerk. I'd like to see into the future as he's all alone and unhappy. Think he's covering up his issues by jumping from girl to girl?

Terry said...

Yeah, Sassy, I definitely think he has issues!

I loved it when he talked about asking women to leave things behind, so that they'd come back, giving him a "repeat customer."

Poor, pathetic toad.

Terry said...

Jane, I don't think the boy loves anything other than his blowdryer.