Tuesday, September 11, 2007

He's Not Your Mr. Right

Dear Terry:

Earlier this summer I invited a guy I was dating steadily to attend a concert with me this coming weekend. The tickets cost me $160.00.

NOW HERE'S THE DILEMMA: We I haven't been out together since August 5th, althought I did see him August 11th to pick up a hat I left in his car. That parting was cold and indifferent. The last bit of warmth I felt from the guy was in July .

(Although he did call on Labor Day to invite me to play golf. I wasn't available, so I called him on his cell and left a voice mail and sent him an email too. Heard nothing since...)

Back to the concert: What should I do about it? Should I remind him? Am I still entitled to go with him?

Please help. Time is ticking on this one.

-Confused North of the Border

Dear Confused:

Today is Tuesday. Email this person and remind him about the concert. Tell him that if you don't hear from him by tomorrow evening that you will give his ticket away.

In the meantime, line up someone fun to take it (friend, relative, co-worker, whatever) in case he doesn't get back to you. Go to the concert. Make a firm decision to have a great time.

Stop thinking about the money you put out; what's done is done.

Your previous emails to me indicate that this guy is probably not the right man for you. If he doesn't contact you, be grateful you weren't stuck wasting another perfectly good Saturday night with him.

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Brenda said...

I suggest that he does not deserve a telephone call and that you should line up someone else right away to accompany you to the concert.....I had a man do this to me and I simply proceeded to enjoy what I had planned for both of us......and when he finally resurfaced 6 weeks later, he wanted to know why I had not called him about that "event" and I told him that it was obvious he wasn't interested in me and therefore, I didn't want to waste any more time on him. End of story. *the interesting part is that he later on tried to woo me again - (this is someone I had a bit of history with) and he proceeded to do the same thing again..........*