Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bret Michaels Continues to Terrify Me

Peter busted me watching Rock of Love again the other night. "Isn't this kind of against everything you stand for?" he wanted to know.

"Leave me alone," I said. "It's research."

The latest episode featured women racing each other into porta-potties to be the first to change into hooker gear. By now you should know that Bret Michael's girl "always has to look hot" in a hurry.

The prize?

Alone time with the hair band frontman himself (whether he actually has hair is debatable; some of the traffic I get to this blog is from people who've keyed "bret michaels bald" into search engines).

Bret doesn't seem to be worth the effort. He's self-involved as hell, and for a 4-needle-a-day diabetic, he sure does drink a lot.


manslations.com said...

"Research." Hee hee.

I don't know why these shows completely fascinate and thrill me. And only this level -- the real trash.

I can only truly love a reality show if there is a chance of someone weeping over something absolutely meaningless. (America's Next Top Model, I'm looking in your direction...)

growthisoptional said...

Love this...it's good to know that thinking individuals admit to enjoying a good dose of "reality" t.v. every once in awhile.

Also, your observations are spot on!