Friday, June 08, 2007

Jealousy Hurts

It gives you a big pain in your stomach, for one thing. It also repels decent men and attracts controlling jerks like a magnet.

Stop worrying about a guy's old girlfriends, the beautiful oncologist who takes care of his father, and anyone happens to be thinner than you. Never compare yourself to anybody but yourself.

When you're with a man, your attitude has to be, "I'm a great girl, and you'd be lucky to have me."


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Anonymous said...

Very timely! Thank you very much, I needed to hear that since my guy is somewhat in the public eye.

With his internet business, websites, and very good looks, he's always attracting suggestive comments and friend requests from a ton of women.

I've made up my mind NOT to make this a problem. He spends his time with me, not them!!

Thanks again!