Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How She Met Her Husband

Had dinner with the wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's great-grandson last night. She told me she met her very kind and well-off husband in a supermarket, of all places.

What's even cooler is that she was the mother of five when they met. He is six years younger than she is.

The fact that this woman found her husband in a supermarket comes as no surprise to Ronnie Ann Ryan, the author of Manifesting Mr. Right, who has been telling women that supermarkets are great places to meet men for eons.



Margaret said...


I'm still waiting to meet that wonderful guy. I know it will happen. Still, it's discouraging when people like Amy Waterman imply that we are too picky because we want a man we are attracted to, who is also successful.

Sorry, I don't wish to be the main breadwinner. I'm not looking for Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, and Gandhi all rolled into one...but, gee, it would be nice to find my equal! Why is it that they all seem to be married?

The ones who are single are for good reason. I still believe you have to find the man on his way to the courthouse for his divorce...or even when the marriage is shaky and he hasn't left yet. Apart from that, you have mama's boys, misogynists, playas, or losers.

Anyway, I refuse to settle! I know I deserve the best and it's not my fault there are not enough "good" men to go around!

Sorry, just a bit discouraged today. It truly does seem like all the interesting, attractive, successful men are married.

I just wonder where these great men who are single are hiding?

Terry said...

I don't think you're too picky. You deserve to spend life with a man, not a child.

Strangely enough, Ronnie Ann Ryan and I were talking about this subject yesterday. Often, women will complain to her that, after they've started their manifesting work, they start getting noticed by straight women. Then they get noticed by men but all the wrong ones. She tells them that this is a good thing; it's only a matter of time before they start attracting the right ones.

I attracted the wrong men, too, before I attracted the right one. It can be discouraging. However, I did take it, as Ronnie likes to say, "as a sign from the universe" that my intentions were starting to manifest themselves (you might prefer to think of it in terms of answered prayer).

Settling is death. I'd be much happier by myself than to saddle myself with a substandard man.