Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Online Dating Works

According to Karl Fisch, one out of every eight couples who got married last year in the U.S. met online.

For more fascinating facts, check out this video.


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Aisling said...

I agree that online dating can work. I've done it on and off for many years. I never really met any total jerks, but met many men with whom there was just no chemistry, or else we just did not have enough in common. I find the success stories are in the minority.

Anyone who does this must have a strong stomach. You must be prepared to reject as well as be rejected.

I myself prefer to focus my efforts on meeting more men in real life. I find online dating draining and stressful. I am trying to be more open in my everyday life and am also contemplating a career change which will expose me to more men.

Online dating is but one tool. I prefer meeting people face-to-face.