Sunday, April 22, 2007

Where the Boys Are Now

"Men now outnumber women in Lower Manhattan by a ratio of 126 to 100, a disparity usually seen only in towns with prisons or military bases."

--The New York Times, Sunday, April 22, 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,
I have a very important question:

Do you have any tips on how to increase one's belief and faith in the Law of Attraction. It's one thing to read and intellectually believe; it's another thing to emotionally believe. Hearing your and others' success stories help. But sometimes it's hard to turn off that rational voice (I find esp. if one has had alot of left-brained training!). I would so appreciate your response and I bet other readers would to...
Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world. It helps more people than you know!

Aisling said...

Well, not to sound cynical, but I would only get excited if they were referring to other than the 18-30 demographic!

Terry said...

Anonymous, it is definitely hard to believe in things we cannot see. Trust me, I've been there.

Take tiny steps. Acknowledge the doubt you feel but keep going. Visualize, affirm, and really feel the accomplishment of your desire as you do so.

Yes, you'll continue to experiencing doubt. We all do. Keep filling yourself up with success stories. Read the works of people of all stripes who've succeeded using the Law of Attraction (from hard-boiled businessmen like Brian Tracy, Christians like Norman Vincent Peale and Catherine Ponder, metaphysicians like Joseph Murphy, and so on; even Oprah has touted "The Secret" on her TV show).

Once again, the key to success is to keep at it, and to be gentle with yourself.

Be very gentle.

If you continue to have trouble releasing beliefs, I wholeheartedly recommend EFT. You can get a free ebook right here, which explains this very effective process.

I've used it and had great success.

Anonymous said...

You're so well informed and resourceful--a true specialist. I'm going to put your words into action!

Tack sa mycket! (Thank you in Swedish)