Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Christianity and 'The Secret'

In case you didn't know, Oprah will feature some of the cast of The Secret this Thursday (The Secret is the movie that introduced millions of people to The Law of Attraction).

However, Christians have questioned whether the The Secret endangers the soul.

Energy Therapist Carol Tuttle will address this subject in a free call this Thursday. Here are the details I received yesterday:

"If you are a person that believes in God, prays to God and worships God Christ, I feel it is critically important that as you study the law of attraction that you make sure you include God and Christ in the formula!

If you know others who have stayed away from the writings and works of others and rejected learning about the law of attraction because it seemed "new age" or too metaphysical due to this critically important information not being included in their work, this teleconference call will help you learn more about putting the law of attraction together with your belief in God.

Send me your questions. Please make them only 1 or 2 short sentences. Send them to carol@caroltuttle.com

I will only be taking questions via email and they need to be sent by 5 p.m. MT, Thursday, Feb. 8th.

Join me Thursday evening for "God and The Law of Attraction"

Thursday, Feb. 8th
6 p.m. MT (8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT).

To join the Teleconference call:

Dial 712-432-3000
Enter Bridge # 513200"

When should you pick up the phone and call a guy?

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