Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Paul Newman Called Me...

...and half the rest of the state in a recorded message reminding us it's Election Day. I'm just back home from the polls myself and am enjoying that euphoria I always get after a good vote.

If you haven't gone yet, please do. If you've managed to tune out the evil campaign commercials that have plagued us for weeks (and the half-truths contained therein), do a search for "League of Women Voters." You can look up your state chapter's website for non-partison information about candidates' positions on the issues.

Want to get a guy's attention? Here's how.


Aisling said...

Maybe you can't comment on this....but since you are in Connecticut....I have to say that, as a Democrat, I'm ticked at Joe Lieberman! But, he'll probably win and continue to pander to the GOP!

Terry said...

Oh, but I'm so excited about Nancy Pelosi, Aisling. It took the sting out of all the rest! And it looks like Allen has lost in Virginia.