Monday, February 20, 2006

How to Meet Men: Tell Me What You Want to Know

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KelliAmanda said...

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on seemingly "normal" adult women who don't date, minus a couple of "first dates" over the years, and have never (ever) been in a romantic relationship. How does one get past the fear of rejection, and what vibe is being given off by the rare person (i.e., me) who is apparently completely unable to attract, well, any man?

*Added note - I am college educated and I don't have three heads or anything. People don't run screaming from the room when I walk in. I have friends and a life. I am fat, but I can't believe that being fat, in and of itself, could be the entire problem, as there are many married women who were fat when they got married, and I had no better luck with men when I was less heavy. There are pics of me on my flickr account (linked from my blog).