Thursday, January 13, 2005

Don't Date This Guy

I read a scary article in today's Connecticut Post ( I can't give you the exact link because I searched the site didn't find one (you may have better luck; the writer's name is Mike Wood, and the headline reads Ready to go on that first date? Here are some helpful hints. )

Aimed primarily at guys, the article states:

"You want to appear comfortable, confident and in control, which is why, no matter what, you will not let her make the plans. They'd be something like, 'My friend is throwing a party and said we should stop by, or 'Some people I used to work with are getting together if you want to meet up with them.' "


I don't know about you, but I would never date a guy who didn't ask me what I wanted to do. While I definitely wouldn't want to sit around, going, "What do you want to do?"all night, he should ask my opinion. The guy should have a couple of ideas and let me take it from there.

And, by the way, what woman suggests going to a friend's party or meeting up with friends from work on a first date? Nobody does that!

Beware, Girls. If you date a guy like Mike, you may end up married to a guy like Mike.

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