Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Continue to Amaze Myself

Not only did I write the script for my radio show this morning, I ran out to the post office and mailed all my international Christmas cards.

Then I did a bit more shopping. I remembered that Child Two wants a poncho, so I bought one for her and her sister. I bought A &M's gift, and my friend Elaine in England's (white-chocolate-scented bath fizzies and a makeup bag).

I picked up a warm nightgown for Sibling One to wear in the hospital after she has her baby. I also found a gorgeous burgundy scarf for myself (needed a scarf!), and a lovely Indian-patterned soap dispenser for the main bathroom, which will replace that sea-green piece of plastic Peter bought at Wal-Mart.


I am proud to say I've avoided that hole all season. I dislike Wal-Mart from the bottom of my feet. The employees are rude and in no mood to help you. Clothes and socks and toys are strewn everywhere. Half the stuff is made in sweatshops, hence the low prices. Shopping there makes me feel poor. I always, and I mean always, pull out of the parking lot with substantially lower self-esteem.

Mom says, "I wouldn't step in a Wal-Mart if my life depended on it."

This, from a woman suffering from brain cancer.

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